Pi Wars 2022 at Home – Old McDoofus Had a Farm

The Theme – “Old McDoofus Had a Farm”

Our house robot, Doofus, moved to a farm and needed help! There’s was so much work to do, and limited time to do it. Roboteers needed to help feed the animals, protect the animals from wolves, harvest apple crops and take visitors on tours around the farm.

The General Rules

The General Rules for Pi Wars 2022 are available here. These tell you how the competition was structured and how teams competed.

The Challenges

There were six challenges for Pi Wars 2022 and background information and rules for each of these challenges is available here.

Application stage

Teams applied to enter the competition and the organisers selected who was offered a place. Teams paid a £15 fee to enter the competition.

Competing teams

A full list of competing teams can be found here.

The Live Broadcasts

You can catch up on recordings of the Live Broadcasts here. Individual videos that you can watch in any order are here.


You can view the results for the competititon here.

Background for 2022’s theme

“Agri-tech is any technology or practice to improve sustainable productivity of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, forestry and the care of pets and horses.”

Agricultural technology, or Agri-tech, is a growing challenge for farmers who seek to find new, and more efficient ways, to grow their business and operate profitably. Here is a list of articles, videos and radio programmes that you might want to look at to find out more about this fascinating topic.


Over 60 volunteers conducted their Judging duties online by viewing the entry videos and submitting their scores via our app.

Our new Head Judge, Phil Willis, resolved any disputes and took on the Technical Merit challenge. Phil is a veteran of Pi Wars, having been competing for many years with both Ipswich Makerspace and the Forest Fighters team.

Long-time Pi Wars competitor Amy Willis took on Artistic Merit while organiser Michael Horne judged the Blogging challenge.