Technical and Artistic Merit

Normally, in a physical Pi Wars competition, we have a panel of Judges to whom you present your robot for Technical and Artistic Merit points. For our At Home competitions, we have decided to have a very similar challenge using a pre-submitted video from each team.

For Technical and Artistic Merit in Pi Wars 2022, the following rules apply:

  1. You must submit a single video for your robot that covers both Technical and Artistic Merit.
  2. You must feature both your robot and your arena (which should be decorated according to this year’s theme) in the video.
  3. Don’t forget to feature any attachments you may have built when showing off your robot.
  4. The video must be between 3 and 5 minutes in length (this is to keep things manageable for the Judges).
  5. The video must be in English (our foreign language skills being a bit… lacking!)
  6. Your video may have mixed content – you can have slides, audio-only sections and video.
  7. As with the other challenges, your videos must be in landscape orientation at a minimum of 720p and a maximum of 1080p.
  8. Robots can be shown moving or be static.
  9. As with the other challenges, your video must be submitted by Thursday, 16th June at 12 noon (UK time). General rules for submitting are listed here.
  10. You must notify Mike via by the deadline, or preferably much sooner!
  11. When producing your video, please do not use copyrighted audio (or other) material as YouTube doesn’t like it!


The maximum scores available for the Technical Merit and Artistic Merit challenges are 1500 points each (equivalent to other challenges), giving a total of 3000.

The following criteria will be used to Judge your robots:

  • Technical Merit
    1. Innovation.
    2. Features.
    3. Build quality.
    4. Attachment inventiveness.
  • Artistic Merit
    1. Robot/arena creativity towards the agricultural theme.
    2. General robot/arena design flair.
    3. Video editing/production flair.
    4. Humour/whimsy.