Pi Wars 2021 at Home – Challenges

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The six challenges for Pi Wars 2021 at Home are themed around “The Home”. Each of these challenges can be completed either by remote control or autonomously and there are various options available within each set of challenge rules.

Each challenge has points available and these will be added together to give you an overall score. Robots in the same category (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Young Teams – Novices and Young Teams – Experienced) will be ranked against each other.

The Arena

You will need to construct a walled arena with dimensions of 1500mm x 1500mm. This can be created using any material you choose (e.g. cardboard, wood), but the walls must be at least 50mm high. They can be higher, if you wish, to aid your navigation during any challenges you may take part in. The arena is there to provide outer bounds for the challenges. However, for the DIY Obstacle Course challenge, feel free to use your entire location, free from the bounds of your arena (see the DIY Obstacle Course challenge page for more details).


For each challenge, you will need to record a video (details of which can be found in the rules for each Challenge) and then send that to us by Thursday, 24th June at noon (UK time).

Videos can be submitted by supplying us with links to your unlisted uploaded YouTube videos or via shared links to MP4/other video files. Please ensure that videos are shot in LANDSCAPE format – this will enable us to process, score and edit them much quicker! Please also ensure that your video is one, uninterrupted take rather than a compilation of the best parts of several runs.

The Challenges

  • Feed the Fish – protect your pets’ well-being with this shooting/pushing/rolling challenge.
  • Tidy Up the Toys – prevent trip hazards in this game of object recognition and manipulation.
  • Up the Garden Path – navigate your way around the arena using a choice of methods.
  • DIY Obstacle Course – create your own obstacle course to show off your robot and your driving flair!
  • Technical and Artistic Merit – create a video to show off your robot’s features and design quality.

Optional challenge


Everyone likes a poster – particularly if they’ve got somewhere to put them up! 🙂 Michael Rimicans has done a wonderful job of producing these A3 versions of the challenge rules.


If you have any questions, or you have an issue with the challenges as specified, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website. If you would like to talk about the challenges/rules with other roboteers, you can chat online using our Discord server.