Tidy Up the Toys


You keep on tripping over toys that are strewn all over the floor. It’s time to get them organised!

Aim of the Challenge

To organise the toys into one of two arrangements, using one of two methods.

Control Method

Remote Control or Autonomous.

Time Limit

5 minutes.


  • Your robot will start facing the “bottom” wall.
  • Your robot will need to turn around to face the blocks and then move all of them so that they are placed inside a target box (shown on the diagram) and so that they are ordered Red, Green, Blue in one of the following two ‘arrangements’:
    • Side by side with no more than 50mm between them.
    • One on top of the other with the Red block on the top, Green in the middle and Blue on the bottom.
  • You can place the blocks in either of the two arrangements by whichever method you wish: Remote control or Fully autonomous. Please do not mix methods as it will make it impossible to rank you.
  • You may run the course as many times as you wish but you should submit the video of your fastest run which should be completed in less than five minutes.
  • The colour of the cubes, whilst needing to be Red, Green and Blue, can be any shade of those colours that you choose.

Ranking and Points

  • Robots will be grouped together in Remote Control and Autonomous categories and then ranked according to their fastest run.
  • Points will be awarded to the top ranked robots in each group according to the Formula Scoring System.

Additional Points

  • There will be points awarded for each coloured block placed inside the target box on your fastest run. That way, if you fail to complete your run in five minutes, you will still receive some points for the completed elements. (These points may be different depending on method and arrangement).
  • There will be a bonus for successfully completing a stacked arrangement.


  • You will be deducted points each time your robot hits the arena side wall. (You are allowed to push the blocks against the wall without penalty).



Ask Questions and Discuss

You can discuss this challenge and the general rules with fellow competitors on our Discord chat. If you have questions for the organisers, please contact us through the website.