Technical and Artistic Merit

Normally, in a physical Pi Wars competition, we have a panel of Judges to whom you present your robot for Technical and Artistic Merit points. For Virtual Pi Wars 2020, we had the teams submit videos showing off their robots and explaining the features and design aspects. We have decided to continue along this theme for Pi Wars 2021.

For Technical and Artistic Merit points, you will need to submit a 3-5 minute video by 1st March featuring your robot. The following rules and guidance applies:

  1. One video per team can be submitted.
  2. The video should be between 3 and 5 minutes in length (this is to keep things manageable for the Judges).
  3. The video must be in English (our foreign language skills being a bit… lacking!)
  4. Your video can have mixed content – you can have slides, audio-only sections and full-on video.
  5. Your video should be in landscape format and as high resolution as you can make it. This helps the Judges be able to see things clearly.
  6. Robots can be shown moving or static.
  7. Your video must be submitted by Monday, 1st MarchPlease note, this is earlier than the main deadline.
  8. Your video should be uploaded to YouTube (specifically YouTube) as Unlisted videos (so that the Pi Wars team has control over when they are seen on our website) or they can be uploaded to a file sharing platform, such as Dropbox, and the Pi Wars team will upload them for you to the Pi Wars YouTube channel.
  9. You must notify Mike via by the deadline, or preferably much sooner!

The panel of Judges will submit their scores before the competition dates. The maximum points available for Technical and Artistic Merit together will be the same as the other challenges.