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Important note

Please note: although the actual challenges will not change, some of the details may change as we are asked questions, and as we build the courses. Once we have selected the competing teams from the submitted applications, we will ensure that any rule changes are flagged up to competitors.

Please consult the general rules before reading up on the challenges. Thanks!

The challenges

Teams may compete in the following challenges at Pi Wars 2017:

All teams will also be scored according to:

  • Artistic merit
    An expert judge will award points to competing robots based on attractiveness, beauty, blinkiness and other criteria.
  • Technical merit
    An expert judge will award points to competing robots based on build quality, innovation and amount of features.

There will be additional prizes and points awarded for:

  • Blogging
    This will be carried out during preparation for the competition by competing teams and judged shortly before the competition takes place. Points will be awarded accordingly. Teams submit their blog URLs on acceptance into the competition. Please note: Blogs must have RSS feeds available to take part in the Blogging competition. (Facebook groups and Twitter are not suitable, for instance)
  • Funniest Robot
    In honour of our event start date, 1st April, teams are invited to make the robots as funny as possible. Perhaps the robot tells jokes? Perhaps it is so funky that it is laughable. We just don’t know!