Pi Wars Competition 2021 – Pi Wars at Home


Pi Wars 2021 competion logo

On 20th-21st March 2021, we will hold Pi Wars at Home. The event will be held wherever you are in the World!

Differences to Virtual Pi Wars

The original Virtual Pi Wars (VPW) was very popular (over 350 people were watching live at the peak, which was more than twice what we were expecting!) However, the 2021 event will be different.

We are going to set a series of new and exciting challenges to be tackled by robot teams. These will (obviously) be different to the Disaster Zone challenges but we are planning on using some of the same skills that you have gained since you started building your robots, plus some new ideas to challenge you.

Don’t despair, the Disaster Zone event will be held eventually, hopefully in 2022.

Construct your own arena and courses

Each team will need to make an arena and a set of their own courses, details of which can be found here. Construction of the courses is achievable using a mixture of household objects, cardboard and lots of tape! You can even share a set of courses with fellow competitors (any relevant COVID-19 regulations must be followed, of course and we recommend maintaining strict cleanliness procedures).

Record your videos

For each challenge, you will need to record a video and then send that to us by Friday, 5th March at 12 noon (UK time), before the broadcast of the live stream on 20th-21st March which will be a collection of the videos submitted. There will be a live chat going on at the same time as the stream, so there will be a social aspect as well.

The Rules

Rules for the event are split into two:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Teams

The list of accepted and reserve teams in this year’s competition is available here.

Important dates

23rd August 2020 – Applications open

2nd September 2020 – Challenges announced

12th October 2020 – Applications closed

17th October 2020 – Application results announced

23rd January 2021 – Pi Wars at Home Conference

5th March 2021 – Videos of challenge runs must be submitted by 12 noon

20th-21st March 2021 – Live streams of the competition entries / announcement of results