Guidance for Submitting Videos

Guidance for recording

General guidance

  1. The Judge will time your run according to the video you submit. Please record each challenge attempt in one video with no cuts. This means that if you are required to run a course multiple times, the multiple runs should be back to back without stopping recording. If you feel your run is particularly fast and/or difficult for the Judge to time accurately, please provide some way of showing the timing of your run on the video. This could be, for example, an overlaid timer.
  2. Where there are control options for a challenge (for instance, Remote Control or Autonomous) or other different options (such as whether you are whistling in Shepherd’s Pi, for example), please state these clearly at the start of the video. This can be done either so the Judge can hear it, or in the form of a caption. Imagine you are a Judge and you have ONLY the video to base your scoring on. We will also ask for this information on the submission form. This is just to ensure that we give the Judge as much information as possible.
  3. Please make your videos as high resolution as possible (but only up to 1080p, please, to keep file sizes manageable), as still and as clear as you can, with as favourable a camera angle as possible. Aim for maximum visibility within the frame of your video so that it makes life easy for the Judge.
  4. For your Technical/Artistic Merit video, please can you include a quick still image (or still video image!) showing the size of your robot against a useful scale, such as a ruler or an A4 piece of paper. This is just to prove it complies with the General Rules relating to size.

Specific guidance for 2022

  1. Shepherd’s Pi – please count aloud the total number of sheep you get into your enclosure at the end of each of your three runs.
  2. Nature’s Bounty – please count the number of apples delivered for each of your three runs.
  3. Hungry Cattle – please make sure that we see each of your (at least) half-filled troughs for each run.
  4. Farmyard Tours – if you would like to give a broad overview of your course before you make your run, to highlight features that might be zoomed past at speed, please feel free to add that to the beginning of your video. The design of the course is an important aspect of the challenge, in addition to the skill of your manual/autonomous driving during the run of the course.

Submitting your videos

In order to submit your videos, please use the form emailed to your team leader and team members.

  1. If you wish to upload your videos to YouTube, please make sure they are Unlisted videos. Here is a video that shows how to do that: This lets our Judges see them without releasing them to the outside world. Once the competition dates have passed, you are of course welcome to make them public.
  2. Alternatively, upload them to a file sharing site, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer (for example). If possible, please do this so that we can download them without having to login or anything – it just makes the process easier.


The deadline for uploading and submitting to us is Thursday, 16th June at noon (UK time). We are more than happy to have early submissions – in fact, this makes it easier for us as we don’t have to rush at the last minute!

The broadcast of the recorded videos will be on 9th (Young Teams) and 10th July (everyone else). There will be interaction via a live chat so everyone can join in.

We’d also like to give you a reminder for your Blogs – these should be completed by 16th June at noon to give our Judge time to read them.