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Pi Wars 2018 – Challenges

Rules will be updated if clarification is required: please read the notes at the bottom!

The challenges for the 2018 competition are as follows:


Autonomous challenges are where the Raspberry Pi is controlling the robot by itself for the duration of the challenge without interference from the operator.


Remote-controlled challenges are where one (or more) members of the team are controlling the robot via wireless controller(s).

Opportunities for More Points

There are additional opportunities to gain more points which increase your overall score. These are:

  • Blogging – in which your pre-event exploits are described in words, videos are shot and photographs are taken.
  • Technical Merit – in which robot features, build quality and other technical aspects are scored by an expert judge on the day of the competition.
  • Artistic Merit – in which the design of the robot and other aesthetic aspects are scored by an expert judge on the day of the competition.


  1. The rules may be changed slightly or clarified following comments and questions from competitors.
  2. The points systems for each challenge may change, probably in favour of the autonomous challenges.

Timings from the 2017 Competition

Visit this page to view some timings from the equivalent challenges from last year.