List of challenges

The following challenges will take place at Pi Wars 2015.

Please note: we are currently working on these pages. Please consider all details contained on these pages as drafts that are subject to change.

There will be a Show-and-Tell area at Pi Wars that will feature robots who are not taking part in the main challenges. They will be competing for the Best Show and Tell Robot prize.

Other competitions, into which all robots will be entered, include the following:

  • Smallest robot
  • Most featured robot
  • Most innovative robot
  • The Jim Darby Prize for excessive blinkiness

9 thoughts on “List of challenges

    1. Hi Ingmar,
      Last year, we split robots up into categories based on cost – above £75 and below £75. We found, however, that it was the size of the robot that was important rather than the cost, hence the change this year.


    1. As it says in the rules, your basic chassis and Raspberry Pi should remain the same but you can adapt your build on the day to compete in the different challenges. However, we’ve had a think about it and you SHOULD be able to do them all with one robot if you’re clever enough 🙂

    1. Due to senior moment I have asked this twice – once here and once under general rules. Feel free to delete one. Sorry!

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