Pi Noon – the Robot vs Robot Duel

Time limit

3 minutes

Control method


Aim of the challenge

Robots will face off against each other in a non-destructive battle which will test the driving skills of the operator and the manoeuvrability of the robot. The exact nature of the duel will be kept secret until the day of the competition but will be different to last year's Sumo.



Special rules

Quoting rule 10 of the General rules: Your robot must be able to hold a wire between 2mm and 3mm diameter, 1cm off the ground. The method of attachment (shown below as the ‘fixing contraption’) can be done with something as simple as gaffer tape. A diagram is shown below (not all of the object to be attached is shown to maintain a level of mystery!).

PLEASE NOTE: The wire must be attached either on the front or the back of your robot, in the centre. If it is on the front, nothing should be further forward than it. If it is on the back, nothing should be behind it. Please also note that the wire must remain static as much as possible.

Also worth noting

  • the wire will be about the weight of half a coat hanger
  • the wire will be provided to you on the day
  • the wire only needs to be on the robot during the duels in which you take part
  • if the wire falls off the robot then you will be allowed to re-attach it up to a maximum of 3 times.
  • if the wire falls off a 4th time, you will be judged to have lost the round.

In the event of neither robot winning outright after 3 minutes, the challenge judge will make a decision based on control and "aggression".

Intentional damage to another robot will result in disqualification. It is up to the driver of each robot to ensure that no damage is caused.

The decision of the judge is final. Please don't argue - remember, this is supposed to be fun.

Due to the number of competitors, some robots may receive a 'bye' to the next round. This will be at random and announced well in advance of the competition. No points will be awarded as a result of a 'bye'.


  • The winner of each round will be awarded 10 points.
  • 25 bonus points will be awarded to the winner of the grand final.
  • No points will be awarded as a result of a 'bye'.

10 thoughts on “Pi Noon – the Robot vs Robot Duel

  1. Do we put the wire on before hand or is it given to us on the day? And does it have to be on for every challenge?

    1. Good questions both.
      The wire will be provided on the day and it only has to be on for the Duel. I will update the challenge rules to make this clear.

  2. What format will the bouts take? As in straight forward draw then knock out or a league then knockout? As there are two classes (A4 & A3) will there be equal numbers in each class?

    1. It’ll be a straight knockout all the way through. The challenge has been designed so that it doesn’t particularly matter how big your robot is, but we will TRY and make sure that the first rounds are class vs same class.

  3. So, hypothetically, if your robot hasn’t got a front or a back… I guess I need to have some kind of mounting bracket and define a ‘front’ in software? Will the competition rules say something like ‘touch the front of the other robot..’ because that’s going to be very confusing for anyone we’re competing with 🙂

    1. In your case, you’ll need to be able to hold the wire attachment… SOMEWHERE on your robot :p All I can say is that you will _want_ to know where your wire is attached in software.

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