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Line follower

Time limit

5 minutes

Control method


Aim of the challenge

Your robot will autonomously follow a black line approximately 15mm wide on a white background. Last year’s course layout is as shown on the right – click here or on the image for a larger version. This year’s course will be different but we recommend using the design for practice. The course will be placed on the floor inside a box 2.2m x 2.2m. The black line does not go to the very edge of the perimeter but instead allows a robot A3 in size to navigate safely around.

Ranking and points

Robots will be allocated 5 minutes to complete the course as many times as they can up to a maximum of 5 circuits. Each circuit of the track will be timed and the shortest time taken will count for ranking purposes.

Points will be awarded to the top finishers like so:

  • 1st: 40 points
  • 2nd: 32 points
  • 3rd : 25 points
  • 4th : 18 points
  • 5th : 15 points
  • 6th : 12 points
  • 7th : 10 points
  • 8th : 8 points
  • 9th : 6 points
  • 10th : 4 points
  • 11th : 2 points
  • 12th : 1 point

Additional points

  • 5 points will be awarded for each completed circuit of the course.


  • The first rescue is free of points deduction.
  • Subsequent rescues incur a deduction of 3 points per rescue.
  • Up to and including 5 rescues are permitted after which you must abandon the challenge.
  • The points will be totalled at the end of the challenge and it is not possible to go below zero points.


Line Following