Pi Wars 2022 – Judging

Hello. Thanks for visiting the Pi Wars 2022 Judging page. We thought you would appreciate some more information about the Judging of this year’s competition and what it involves.

What is the competition about?

Pi Wars is an international robotics competition in which teams compete against each other using different challenge courses, accumulating points and winning prizes. This year’s competition is related to Farming and Agriculture. As always, we need to ask for volunteers to help us to Judge the competition – firstly, because there are a lot of entries to get through and secondly, we appreciate the independence and impartiality that an army of volunteers brings.

Where is the Judging happening?

As you might already be aware, this year’s competition is happening “at home” and therefore all the Judging will happen online.

When is the Judging happening?

Competitors can submit their videos to us in the next few weeks with a deadline of 16th June. We would request that all the Judging is complete by 1st July.

How long will it take?

This very much depends on how many Judges volunteer for the task. We have more than 50 teams hoping to compete, and they will submit about 5 videos each, each up to 5 minutes long. Some videos may need to be watched more than once in order to be recorded correctly. We are estimating that it will take each Judge 2-3 hours each to complete their part of the Judging.

What does Judging involve?

Each team will submit their videos by 16th June. This will include their “runs” of each of the four challenges and also a Technical/Artistic Merit video. We will allocate each video submitted to a Judge.

The Judge will then be able to login (once registered) and see which videos have been assigned to them. You will be able to “score”, and re-score (edit), your allocated videos using our scoresheets and then, once you’re happy that they are accurate, “finalise” each scoresheet – this locks in the scoresheet.

A sample scoresheet is shown below. You will see that it is mostly a case of ticking boxes, filling in values and timing the run. There is also a box for any comments that you wish to record.

I am happy to be a Judge. Who do I contact?

Please email Mike Horne at mike@recantha.co.uk or contact us via this website.

What can I do to prepare?

First of all, please familiarise yourself with the General Rules of the competition. These give you an idea of the restrictions that teams should have complied with. When Judging, please flag up any rule that you think might have been broken by letting us know by email.

Secondly, please take a look at the Challenges and their rules. This explains the different challenges for this year’s competition. You do not need to worry about how many points different aspects earn – this will be worked out by us from your scoresheet.

And lastly, we will contact you with a registration link so that when the time comes, you will be able to get access to the Judging App and the scoresheet(s). Please register when the link arrives and we will give you the necessary access. If you Judged last year’s competition, you will just login using your previous credentials once we have re-activated your account.