Timetable for Pi Wars 2021 – 10th and 11th July

Pi Wars 2021 competion logo

On Saturday, 10th and Sunday, 11th July, Pi Wars 2021 at Home will be broadcast via a live stream on YouTube featuring all 46 teams who made it to the competition days by submitting their videos. The YouTube video link will be emailed out to all teams, the Pi Wars emailing list and, of course, publicised on the front page of the Pi Wars website.

Saturday will feature Young Teams in Novice and Experienced categories. Sunday will feature all other teams in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. You can see a full list of teams, along with their (optional) blogs and also their geographical locations here.

During the weekend, we will be featuring the final rounds of Remote Pi Noon which is a competition that Brian Corteil has been running that had its opening rounds a couple of weeks ago. There will be an opportunity for several “wildcards” to take part in the competition, which is done live via Zoom and via web browser, so please follow Brian on Twitter to find out more when he announces how that’s going to work.


Here is the timetable for both days. All times are GMT+1 (current UK time).

09:45 – Welcome to Pi Wars 2021

10:00 – Recorded video submissions will be broadcast

11:00 – Remote Pi Noon, session 1 / 3

12:00 – Lunch break (during which you will be able to find out about our sponsors!)

12:45 – Recorded video submissions

14:00 – Remote Pi Noon, session 2 / 4

15:00 – Awards Ceremony for the competing teams

16:00 – (approx) End of the day