Virtual Pi Wars – Catch up on all the videos!

On Saturday, 25th April, we held Virtual Pi Wars. It was an online-only competition and series of robotics talks that was attended by around 250 people over the Internet via YouTube. We wanted to collate everything into one place, so here is the collection of videos of the 28 entries.

Competitors were invited to send in 5-minute videos showcasing their robots for Artistic and Technical prizes. As well as seven, preselected judges, the live stream viewers were invited to vote on their favourites. You may view the results of Virtual Pi Wars here.

If you would like to view some photographs/stills from the event, you can view a gallery here.

BluBot – Young Teams (Novices)

SOSbot – Young Teams (Novices)


PiAPC – Young Teams (Novices)

Abotoclypse – Young Teams (Novices)

MiniSteps – Young Teams (Novices)

Bobby Tables – Young Teams (Experienced)

Otter Robotics – Young Teams (Experienced)

YoLabs – Young Teams (Experienced)

Eco Amica – Beginner

unPi – Beginner

Phoenix the Ferret – Beginner

Dan-ED – Beginner

Ulm Development – Beginner

eFastus – Beginner

Team Rover – Beginner

Spot Puppy – Intermediate

OrangeBot – Intermediate

Dangle – Intermediate

Forest Fighters – Intermediate

MacFeegle Prime – Intermediate

Shetland Attack Pony Mobile – Intermediate

Ely Makers – Intermediate

Tauradigm – Advanced

Reliant Raspberry – Advanced

PiDrogen – Advanced

Bad Pidea – Advanced

ShefBots – Advanced

International Rescue – Advanced


Robotics talk from Josh – How Not to Make a Walking Robot followed by a Q&A session.


Robotics talk from Mark & Rob – Autonomous Robotics followed by a Q&A session.

Robotics talk from Phil & Lorraine – Tackling Eco-Disaster with a Simulation followed by a Q&A session.

Robotics talk with Keegan – Building a Custom Robotics Controller with ROS followed by a Q&A session.