Virtual Pi Wars – The results

Firstly, we’d like to thank and congratulate everyone who entered into the Virtual Pi Wars competition. It was wonderful to see all of your videos which put us through all different kinds of emotions – from astonishment, to appreciation, to good old-fashioned sentimental “Awwwww!”s to outright laughter.

Secondly, thank you to our Judges: Lucy, Steve, Rachel, Vincent, Claire, Sumit and Bethanie. They all viewed your videos and scored every single one of them. Thank you also to the dozens of viewers who sent us their votes during and after the live stream.

As with all competitions, there are winners and there are runners-up. We have chosen not to list the entire set of results – you all put in such a lot of effort to bring together your videos that we didn’t want anyone to feel hard done-by with the scoring. Therefore, we’re going to list just the top 10 in each prize-winning category.

The team with the top robot in each list wins a prize – these are marked in bold.

It really was awfully close in some instances! If anyone wants to know where their robot came, please let us know (we’d rather not get into it, though!). So, without further ado…

Technical Merit placings

  1. Tauradigm
  2. Spot Puppy
  3. MacFeegle Prime
  4. ShefBots
  5. Shetland Attack Pony: Mobile
  6. PiDrogen
  7. Dangle
  8. Bobby Tables
  9. International Rescue
  10. Dan-ED

Artistic Merit placings

  1. Forest Fighters
  2. MacFeegle Prime
  3. Spot Puppy
  4. International Rescue
  5. Reliant Raspberry
  6. Dan-ED
  7. Shetland Attack Pony: Mobile
  8. SOSbot
  9. PiDrogen
  10. Dangle

Total Score placings

  1. Spot Puppy
  2. MacFeegle Prime
  3. Forest Fighters
  4. Tauradigm
  5. International Rescue
  6. Shetland Attack Pony: Mobile
  7. PiDrogen
  8. Dan-ED
  9. Dangle
  10. ShefBots

Public Vote for Favourite Robot

  1. MacFeegle Prime
  2. Spot Puppy
  3. Forest Fighters
  4. Eco Amica
  5. Shetland Attack Pony: Mobile
  6. International Rescue
  7. PiAPC
  8. Reliant Raspberry
  9. YoLabs
  10. unPi

Funniest Video of the Day

Awarded by Mike, Tim and Dave to Reliant Raspberry.