General rules

  1. All robots must have an operational Raspberry Pi at their core.
  2. Other boards, such as an Arduino or other microcontroller, may be used on the robot but the Pi must be in overall control.
  3. There will be two categories of robot:
    1. Those that fit within the footprint of A4 dimensions (297 x 210mm).
    2. Those that are larger than A4 but fit within the footprint of A3 dimensions (420 x 297mm)
  4. The footprint as mentioned in rule 3 is defined as being the largest cross-sectional area when viewed from above.
  5. An additional piece of equipment e.g. a laptop, mobile phone or tablet may be used to control the robot, but must not be physically attached.
  6. All robots must be powered by batteries and must not require mains power for anything except charging battery packs.
  7. There will be a number of different challenges into which you may enter your robot, the results of which will contribute to an overall score.
  8. None of the active challenges will be mandatory. No points will be earned from challenges not entered. Points earned from challenges are added together to find the grand winner from each of the two categories of robot.
  9. It is permitted to add and remove components from your robot during the course of the competition in order to tailor it to individual challenges. However, the basic chassis, Pi and controller arrangement should remain the same.
  10. Your robot must be able to hold a wire between 2mm and 3mm diameter, 1cm off the ground. The method of attachment (shown below as the ‘fixing contraption’) can be done with something as simple as gaffer tape. A diagram is shown below (not all of the object to be attached is shown to maintain a level of mystery!)

Dual Wire Fixing

4 thoughts on “General rules

  1. The fixing contraption – does it have to stop the wire from rotating in plan, i.e. clamp it very firmly? Will there be anything hanging off the wire which would create unwanted rotation when the robot spins round?

  2. Hi Mike, Tim

    Just to confirm, can the wire ‘holder’ be a removable module? I.e. can we just add it for the robot vs robot competition?

    Also, how much grip will this thing need? You mention tape, but would it be beneficial to have a clamp or something a bit sturdier?


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