At Pi Wars, we are lucky to have people volunteer to help us with the event. This is really the only way we can make the weekend work – by accepting help from those who attend.

We typically ask volunteers to give up 2-3 hours of their time (depending on how many volunteers we get) and, during this time, they are asked to be Judges and/or Marshals. Entrance to the event for volunteers is completely free – our way of saying thank you! The rest of the time you are not on duty, you are, of course, free to enjoy the event as a spectator.


This is not as scary as it sounds! You are armed with a copy of the rules, a clipboard with detailed scoresheets attached, a pen and a stopwatch. 95% of the time, you will be timing course runs and ticking boxes to say how the run went. You may also need to “rescue” the robots if they get stuck. On the rare occasion that you have to make a “judgement”, you are given the authority to do so, but with a backup of Head Judge Phil Willis and Mike, Tim & Dave, the event organisers.


Duties of Marshals include: staffing the front desk, running scoresheets back to the Scorekeeper at the front desk and generally keeping an eye on things and directing people where necessary (normally to the loos!).

If you’d like to volunteer

If you’d like to help out on the day, please fill in this form or get in contact with us here. Alternatively, just grab a Volunteer Ticket.