Books about Robotics and Python for the Raspberry Pi

There are two terrific books that address Raspberry Pi robotics specifically and another couple of books that deal more with learning the Python programming language.

Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

By veteran Pi community member Matt Timmons-Brown, this books takes you through robotics from first principles and finishes up in computer vision. It’s a No Starch Press book and is in full colour. Find it on Amazon UK here.

Mike wrote a full review of the book over on his blog which you can read here.

Learn Robotics Programming

Danny Staple has written an immense volume here which is more in-depth than Matt’s book and slightly more “grown-up” in it’s style. Find it on Amazon UK here.

Learning Python with Raspberry Pi

Alex Bradbury and Ben Everard’s book is slightly older (published 2014) than the two above but still acts as a terrific Python primer. A full review can be found here. Find it on Amazon UK here.

Mission Python

Sean McManus has written several Raspberry Pi books but this is the most playful. It’s more to do with coding games, but there’s a lot to learn here to do with control loops and structure. Find it on Amazon UK here.