Pi Wars – the International Raspberry Pi robotics competition

Pi Wars 2024

Pi Wars 2024 will take place on 20th-21st April at the William Gates Building in Cambridge, UK. More information, including the application process, is here! See our launch video below!

2024 Disaster Zone plaque

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What is Pi Wars?

Pi Wars is a non-destructive Raspberry Pi-based robotics competition with both autonomous and remote-controlled challenges. It takes place over one weekend and features teams of school students, family members and hobbyists as well as solo roboteers. The event is open to anyone on planet Earth! Find out more.

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Hacky Racers Robotic Racing Series 2023

We are delighted to be launching a joint venture with Hacky Racers - the Robotic Racing Series.
On the weekend of 29th-30th July 2023 at the Roger Needham Building in West Cambridge, this is an opportunity for you to build robots of different sizes and race them around the Hacky Racers circuit. Read more here. Registration has now closed.

Example race track

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