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Pi Wars – the international robotics challenge competition powered by Raspberry Pi

What is Pi Wars?

Pi Wars is a non-destructive, Raspberry Pi-based robotics competition with both autonomous and remote-controlled challenges. It takes place in-person over a single weekend and features teams of school students, families and hobbyists as well as solo roboteers. The event open to anyone on planet Earth! Find out more.

Keep informed and join the discussion!

We communicate with hundreds of people about Pi Wars using our mailing list – you can sign up here.

We also run a Discord chat server where you can talk in real-time with robotics teams from all over the world.

Social media announcements are made on X (Twitter) and Facebook.

Pi Wars 2024

2024 Disaster Zone plaque

Pi Wars 2024 took place in April in Cambridge, UK. More information about the competition can be found here. You can see the results here and all the submitted merit videos and team blogs.

Future competitions

Watch this space or sign up to our mailing list to hear about future events!

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