Hungry Cattle


Your cows are extremely hungry. In fact, they’re always hungry! Fortunately, a new supply of feed has just arrived at your farm. Use your robot to safely deliver the feed to the cattle troughs.


To take an amount of “cattle feed” from your barn to three troughs so that your cows can eat!

Control method

Remote Control or Autonomous.

Time limit

5 minutes.

Example run


  • You must add markings to your arena for your “barn” – this is the starting position of your robot and measures 500mm by 325mm and is located in the bottom-left corner of your arena.
  • Your robot must initially be positioned in the middle of your barn.
  • Your robot must start facing the left-hand wall so that it must initially turn around.
  • Three cattle feeding troughs must be created that your cows will “eat” from. The dimensions for these troughs are as follows:
    • 100mm long
    • 100mm wide
    • 50mm deep
  • The troughs can be made using any material you wish – cardboard or wood, for example, or even 3D-printed trays (we will provide a 3D-printable file of the correct dimensions).
  • There is flexibility over the positioning of the troughs to allow different methods of approaching them. Each trough must be on the side of the line-following line shown above and must also be within the appropriate bright green box.
  • Your robot must take an amount of “cattle feed” (in this case, a fixed, specified volume of dried rice or seeds that we will specify) from the starting point (your barn) and deliver it into the troughs.
  • A line will be provided on the course layout to enable you to use vision or line following sensors to navigate your way. You do not need to use this line, however, to complete the task.
  • The outside of the troughs can be marked or coloured in any way that might aid you in navigating to it, if you are completing this challenge autonomously.
  • Each trough must be at least half-filled with feed for it to be judged as “complete”.
  • The challenge should be run up to three times in succession within the time limit.
  • You must submit a single video showing your runs.
  • After each run, your robot must be reset to your barn (by hand or by driving), the troughs emptied and the robot re-filled with feed if necessary (see below). You may use the same feed each time, or you may use fresh feed each time.
  • You may carry enough feed for all three runs on your robot, if you wish, meaning that you don’t need to refill with feed. You must, however, return to the barn after each run. This is to ensure fairness.
  • If you are refilling your robot with feed, any method may be used.
  • The timer will not be stopped during the reset process (to make it easier for the Judges and for greater overall accuracy).
  • The timer will start when your robot first moves. The timer will stop when your robot returns to the barn after your final load of feed is delivered.

Ranking and points

To be finalised.

  • Points will be awarded for each trough supplied with feed to at least halfway.
  • Points will be awarded for each time you fill all three troughs and return safely to your barn.
  • More points will be awarded for completing this challenge autonomously.

The Real World


To be completed.