Spirit of Curiosity

Aim of the Challenge

  • To collect rock samples from the lunar landscape.
  • A remote-controlled, Fetch-and-Carry challenge.

Control Method

  • Remote-controlled

Time Limit

  • 5 minutes


  • Robots will be placed at one corner of an arena with sections of uneven terrain.
  • At the opposite corner of the arena, a collection of samples will be gathered; this is known as the ‘sample site’.
  • There will be multiple routes to the sample site. It is up to the roboteer which route they take to and from the site.
  • The robot will be outfitted with a small ‘bowl’ attachment, fixed to the robot using similar techniques to the Pi Noon pin/balloon attachment. The fixing pole for the bowl is approximately 3mm wide, but you should ensure it can handle slightly wider to cope with any small differences in widths.
  • Roboteers should guide their robot, using remote controls, to the sample site. A member of the team (or volunteer) will then manually (by hand) place a single sample from the pile into the bowl attachment. They must then pilot the robot back to the start corner and manually (by hand) ‘unload’ the sample into a collection basket.
  • Both loading and unloading of the sample is expected to be a manual pick-up-and-place by member(s) of the roboteers’ team or a volunteer.
  • A single attempt of the challenge is permitted within the 5 minute limit. This will involve multiple trips from the start corner to the sample site.

Ranking and Points

  • To follow but expect a certain number of points per sample collected.


  • Some routes from the start corner to the sample site, and back again (obviously) will be less bumpy than others. These ‘less bumpy’ routes will take longer to navigate than the more tricky terrain routes.
  • Samples will vary in size and weight.  The maximum sample weight will be typically 20-40 grammes.  Sizes will range from between 2cm and 4cm diameter.
  • Sample holder is yet to be designed, but is expected to remain below 100 grammes.
  • Other hints to follow

Ask Questions and Discuss

You can discuss this challenge and ask questions on the discussion forum or via Discord chat.