Aim of the challenge

  • Teams will blog about their experiences preparing for Pi Wars. The frequency of posts as well as subject matter will be taken into account. Posts can be on a variety of topics such as:
    • Information about team members
    • The design process
    • Build progress
    • Programming progress
    • Testing progress
    • Photo galleries


  • You must use a blogging platform that supplies an RSS feed. This is to make the judging of the blogs manageable!
  • There are many blog platforms out there that you can use, for example:
  • Blog URLs should be submitted as soon as possible after acceptance into the competition to Where possible, please give your RSS feed address as well – it saves Mike hunting for it!
  • Although blog posts can be publicised over Facebook or Twitter, please note that neither Facebook nor Twitter will be accepted as a blogging platform as RSS feeds are not possible from these sources.
  • YouTube can be used for video blogging. However, you will still need an RSS-enabled blog of some sort to link to/embed those videos.

Ranking and points

Points will be awarded by an expert judge out of a maximum of 20. Only one team can be awarded the maximum points but below the maximum, some teams may receive the same points as another. Scores will be multiplied by 5 to give a maximum acquired points total of 100.


  • The blogging ideas listed above are just ideas and teams are encouraged to make the blog as engaging as possible.
  • The use of photographs and video is strongly encouraged.