Pi Wars 2019

What is Pi Wars?

Pi Wars is an international, challenge-based robotics competition in which teams build Raspberry Pi-controlled robots and then compete in various non-destructive challenges to earn points. The competition takes place over a single weekend and prizes and medals are awarded to those competing at the end of each day. In previous years, we’ve had teams from schools, families, groups of hobbyists and solo roboteers. The competition is open to anyone from around the world and often features teams from countries such as the USA, China, Malaysia and Nigeria.

Where will it take place in 2019?

Pi Wars 2019 will take place on 30th & 31st March at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory (William Gates Building) in Cambridge, UK.

This is the same venue that we have used for the past three events. The address is: Cambridge Computer Laboratory, 15 JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge CB3 0FD

School teams will compete on Saturday, 30th March and all other teams will compete on Sunday, 31st March.

The dates were chosen because:

  1. It avoids most schools’ exam period.
  2. It avoids the Easter school holidays (which start the following weekend)
  3. It is the closest weekend we could manage to the ideal ‘beginning of April’ date most people requested.

Can I enter a team to compete?

Applications for 2019 are now closed. We generally open applications in July and close them during mid-Autumn. This year, we had a record number of over 150 team applications.

Can I volunteer to help?

Absolutely! We’d love to have you volunteer – it really helps us out and it is tremendously rewarding, plus you get to attend the event completely free. Find out more information about volunteering here.

How can I get spectator tickets?

If you’d like to attend as a spectator, visit this site to get your tickets.

Space Exploration Theme

To celebrate 50 years of space exploration, and most notably the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing, this year’s Pi Wars will be space-themed!

General Rules

General rules and regulations for our 2019 competition are available here.


At Raspberry Fields, we announced the challenges for the 2019 competition. You can read full details of the challenges here!

Marketing Flyer

If you’d like to help us out by advertising Pi Wars to your friends, family, Makespace, social group or anyone else, please download our flyer.

Discuss and Chat

This year, we are running both Discussion Forums and also a Chat server on Discord (Tom Oinn‘s idea!). You’ll find some competitors on the Forums, some on Discord and some on both!

Hints for Robot Teams

Brian Corteil of Coretec Robotics, and double-winner of previous Pi Wars competitions, has written this excellent list of hints and tips for robot-building teams.