Pi Wars 2018 – Photographs and Videos

Here are some photographs and videos from Pi Wars 2018. If you have any you’d like to contribute, please contact us here.


Pi Wars central uploaded photos (including ‘best of’)

Ipswich Makerspace photos

Photos from David Johnson for Cambridge News (not for re-use without his permission)

Bots from Artistic Merit

Pi-O-Steers’ Day Out – great collection of photos


Close Encounters of the Pi Kind – summary video

Paradigm – summary video (20 mins)

Tanya Fish / Fishwagen Obstacle course run

Tanya Fish / Fishwagen Duck Shoot

Collection of videos from Schools’ Day winners DCGS

Pi Noon Sunday final and again

Pi Noon Sunday semi-final 2

Obstacle Course run from Coretec Robotics

Forest Fighters artistic merit pan around

Artistic Merit winners Eternal Jamnation

Rubus TITAN course run videos

Tigerbot run videos

Show and Tell exhibit Cubert

Team Terrier Obstacle Course run

Team Terrier fun on the golf course

Advanced/Pro winner announcement