We are looking for companies and individuals to sponsor Pi Wars.

How can you sponsor the event?

We accept sponsorship in the following ways:

  • Prizes – these will be awarded to teams by post after the  competition. Prizes can range from something small, like a USB pen drive, to something larger like a Pi itself or an add-on board for the Pi that winners can use to further explore what our favourite credit card-sized computer can do.
  • Monetary donations – these help towards the overall cost of the event and to buying prizes. We are happy to discuss with sponsors what their contribution will go towards.
  • Donations of time to help with Judging – If you have people who would be willing to help on that basis, by all means get in contact with us to discuss.
  • A mixture – we’re happy to accept sponsorship as a mixture of all of the above!


Is there a minimum amount for prizes and monetary donations?

We have received donations of prizes and money between £300 and £5000. It very much depends on your budget and what kind of things you can offer as sponsorship.

How are prizes allocated?

This is a long, arduous process involving spreading all the available prizes out on tables and shuffling things around until we’ve allocated everything! 🙂 If you have any thoughts as to how your prizes/contribution can be allocated, such as for a specific category or challenge, we are happy to discuss that.

What can Pi Wars offer us in return?

  • Your company logo and link will be featured on the Pi Wars homepage.
  • Your will be entitled to free advertising space during the live stream of the event.
  • We will make sure that all participants are aware of your sponsorship and how they can potentially become customers.
  • Social media coverage – we will send out a welcome Tweet when you first join us as a sponsor on the @PiWarsRobotics account. This will be retweeted by Mike (@recantha) who has over 6,000 followers, many of whom are in the Raspberry Pi and maker community. We will also send out Tweets periodically and, especially, during the event using the #PiWars hashtag.

How many teams will be competing?

For 2022, we have over 70 teams of varying size competing.

How can we contact you?

You can contact us by using the contact form on this page or by emailing Michael Horne at mike@recantha.co.uk directly. Telephone contact can be arranged if you wish.