The Duck Shoot

NOT intended to be representative of the actual course! 🙂

Aim of the Challenge

  • To knock down five targets.

Control Method

  • Remote-controlled

Time Limit

  • 5 minutes


  • Robots will be placed (by the robot’s driver) on a painted wooden surface facing a shooting range.
  • There are two possible methods of knocking down the targets:
    • Five balls will be provided in set positions that can be shunted, nudged or cannoned towards the targets.
    • Your robot can be fitted with a mechanism capable of firing five soft pellets or bullets such as Nerf darts.
      • If using pellets, the balls will not be set on their spots so you will have free reign to manoeuvre.
  • There will be a ‘boundary line’ in front of the targets beyond which robots are not permitted to go.
  • If using balls, once knocked over the boundary line the balls may not be retrieved until the next round.
  • You can use any method of aiming that you wish, such as a low-powered laser.
  • You will have three full attempts (of 5 balls or projectiles) at this challenge course.  After each attempt, the targets and the balls (if used) will be reset.

Ranking and Points

  • Points will be awarded for each target knocked down. The actual amount of points may depend on the size of the target in question (TBC).

Additional Points

  • 10 additional points will be awarded if all five projectiles succeed in knocking down their targets.
  • If a projectile knocks down more than one target, the points for both targets will be awarded. This is expected to be accidental!
  • 25 points will be awarded for any shooting mechanism that does not use the balls provided.


  • If any of the robot’s wheels pass the stop line, that roll or shot will be discounted. Under this circumstance, the bonus points for ‘all five’ cannot be awarded.


  • *sigh* No… high powered lasers capable of destroying the targets are not allowed!
  • Any balls knocked over the boundary line may get in your way.
  • Targets will be balanced finely so no great force will be required to knock them over. Please remember this when constructing your firing mechanisms!