Slightly Deranged Golf

The 2017 course

Aim of the Challenge

  • Navigate the course attempting to get a (real) golf ball into a hole.

Control Method

  • Remote-controlled

Time Limit

  • 7 minutes


  • Each robot will make three timed runs of the course.
  • Robots are permitted to push or hit the ball, but not to pick it up.
  • The ball should remain in contact with the ground at all times unless a ‘chip shot’ is being attempted.
  • The ball must be able to ‘roll’ – i.e. no tight capture mechanisms will be permitted.
  • There are several hazards on the course which must be avoided for a ‘clean’ round.
    • Robots may not enter hazards to recover the ball.
    • If the ball enters the hazard, it will be retrieved by the challenge judge, placed on a recovery spot and play will continue from that point.
  • “Out of Bounds” (i.e. outside of the course) will be treated as a hazard and the ball replaced to the nearest recovery spot.
  • The robot will be deemed to have entered the hole once the final hazard has been passed.

Ranking and Points

  • Rankings will be based on the total time taken to play three holes, with penalties taken into account.
  • Points will be awarded to the top finishers:
    • 1st: 40 points
    • 2nd: 32 points
    • 3rd : 25 points
    • 4th : 18 points
    • 5th : 15 points
    • 6th : 12 points
    • 7th : 10 points
    • 8th : 8 points
    • 9th : 6 points
    • 10th : 4 points
    • 11th : 2 points
    • 12th : 1 point

Additional Points

  • 10 points will be awarded for getting the ball into the ‘cup’.
  • 5 bonus points will be awarded for the avoidance of all hazards.
  • 5 bonus points will be awarded for any ’round of golf’ completed in under 30 seconds.


  • A 20-second penalty will be added to the run time for each hazard encountered by the ball.
  • The robot itself is allowed to (accidentally) enter hazard areas without penalty.
  • A penalty of 150 seconds will be used instead of the run time should the robot fail to get the ball into the hole or should time expire.


  • The course will be altered from the 2017 version so that the slope at the start is significantly less severe!
  • Successful robots last year ‘captured’ the ball with a loose pincer at the front. Remember: the ball must remain in contact with the ground and must be able to ‘roll’.