Pi Wars 2018 – Application for entry

Thank you for your interest in applying for Pi Wars 2018. We are currently finalising arrangements for the competition venue, which will be in Cambridge, UK, and we are looking at several different dates for the event. You will be asked during your application on which of these dates you are able to attend. As with last year, our intention is that Schools will compete on the Saturday and everyone else will compete on the Sunday. We have purposefully avoided the Maker Faire UK weekend (28th-29th April). The possible dates for Pi Wars 2018 are as follows:

  • 21st-22nd April
  • 12th-13th May
  • 19th-20th May

Applications for Pi Wars 2018 close on 3rd October at 12 noon. To be fair to all applicants, no late entries will be accepted this year. We will be sorting through the applications on 4th and 5th October and applicants will be notified on or by 7th October, all being well.

Please let us have as much information as you can – it makes our life so much easier when selecting the successful applicants! 🙂

If you have 5 minutes, take a look at last year’s General Rules. This year’s rules will likely bear a strong resemblance but have yet to be finalised. We are 99% certain that the size restrictions will be the same.

Application form