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Application and Selection process

How do I enter Pi Wars?

Entry into Pi Wars is on an application basis, rather than first-come, first-served.

Applications for entry will open on 1st August and close on 22nd September. Mike and Tim will then analyse and assess the applications and make decisions on the 28th/29th September with notifications sent out on Saturday 1st October.

Apply to enter Pi Wars 2017.

About your application

This year, we are expecting a large number of applications, based on the number of teams who registered their interest. Selection will depend on the quality of your application, the category into which you have placed yourself and the make-up of your team. It is in your best interests to make your application as interesting as possible – make us sit up and take notice! (Don’t worry about quality of English or length of application – we just want selection to be a fun process when we’re still ploughing through them at 11pm!)

What day will I compete if I am selected?

Schools will compete on Saturday 1st April. Everyone else will compete on Sunday 2nd April.

Post-selection process

Once selected, you will be required to pay a £10 entrance fee. This covers your robot’s participation in the competition, as well as entrance tickets for your entire team.

You will also need to provide your blogging URL (if you are taking part in the Blogging challenge – we hope you will!) Please note: only blogs with an RSS feed will be permitted – Facebook pages and Twitter posts are definitely out.

What happens if I’m not selected?

If you are not selected outright, we may ask you to be on the ‘reserve list’. Each year, we have had several teams drop out and have had to call on the teams on the reserve list to fill the spaces.

You may also be asked to take part in the Show and Tell exhibition, if you have indicated that you’d be interested.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please leave a comment below or contact us.