Competition was fierce this year with 47 teams applying. Every application had merit and it was a tough evening of decision making. In the end, 32 teams were accepted to compete, with a further 6 asked to be held in reserve. As it turns out, we had to ask all our reserves to take spots (some of whom could not) so we have ended up with 30 teams.

Without further ado, the following teams have been accepted to take part in Pi Wars 2015 (team name and team leader are listed, in no particular order):

  1. Metabot (John Palombo) – A4 or smaller
  2. Triangula (Tom Oinn) – Larger than A4
  3. Westpark Club (Tim Golden) – A4 or smaller
  4. The R-Pi Strikes Back (Peter Cheng) – Larger than A4
  5. Hitchin Hackspace (David Booth) – A4 or smaller
  6. Bedford Modern (Anton Leach) – Larger than A4
  7. Revenge of PyroBot (Brian Corteil) – Larger than A4
  8. Team Vector (Max Henderson) – Larger than A4
  9. Ipswich Makerspace (Keith Ellis) – Larger than A4
  10. AverageBot (Richard Saville) – A4 or smaller
  11. Optimus Pi (Leo White) – A4 or smaller
  12. The Bomb Squad (Yasmin Bey) – A4 or smaller
  13. ElMo1 (Richard Hall) – A4 or smaller
  14. KEITH Evolution (Harry Merckel) – A4 or smaller
  15. Gnasher 2 – The Return (Grahame Collins) – A4 or smaller
  16. Team Cawthorne (Duncan Cawthorne) – A4 or smaller
  17. Dreally Orsome Grobot (Andrea Keightley) – Larger than A4
  18. A good day to Pie Hard (Niklas Henderson) – A4 or smaller
  19. ShimmerBot (Ian Wilkinson) – A4 or smaller
  20. UnprEdictAble (Richard Tristan Sabiers) – A4 or smaller
  21. Positronic (Christopher Lush) – Larger than A4
  22. AGS Robotics (Jocelyn Chappell) – A4 or smaller
  23. Blaenrhyd Innovation (Finley) – A4 or smaller
  24. Southend Raspberry Jam (Andy Melder) – Larger than A4
  25. PI R Squad (Nick Young) – A4 or smaller
  26. Cybercondriac (David Pride) – A4 or smaller
  27. Sugar Peas (Rob Eager) – A4 or smaller
  28. BuddenBot (Henry Budden) – A4 or smaller
  29. Slice Of Pi Club (Martin Eyre) – A4 or smaller
  30. Team Seaford (Andrew Seaford) – A4 or smaller

You can read blog posts from the teams by viewing this page.

One thought on “Competitors

  1. Thank you so much for selecting Blaenrhyd Innovation! We’ll make you proud to host such a great event!

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