Aim of the challenge

To defuse as many mines as possible within the time limit.

Control method

Remote control or Autonomous.

Time limit

5 minutes with 2 minutes at the start for any calibration.


  • Robots will be placed inside an arena which is comprised of a 4×4 grid of opaque perspex pieces.
  • A single, random square will be lit up. The robot must visit the square in question and stop with some part of the robot over the square. The mine is then considered defused and the next, random square will be lit up, and so on.
  • This challenge can be tackled either using remote control or autonomously, for example using a combination of a high-mounted camera and/or light sensors.


  • The scoring system for this is to be devised.
  • Expect each mine cleared to score points.
  • Expect those who are doing the challenge autonomously to earn many more points per mine.
  • Expect a tie-break to be settled by the time taken to dispose of 5 mines.

Ask Questions and Discuss

You can discuss this challenge and ask questions on the discussion forum or via Discord chat.