Escape Route

Aim of the challenge

To navigate from one side of the “blind maze” to the other without touching any of the coloured blocks, three times.

Control method

Remote control or Autonomous.

Time limit

7 minutes, including calibration time.


  • A maze, surrounded by walls, will be created from coloured blocks placed within the walls.
  • The robot will be placed at the start position of the maze, nearest the driver.
  • The driver will stand behind a set of screens so that they are unable to see the course.
  • There are three methods of competing in this challenge:
    1. Blind remote control, via some sort of camera attached to the bot, with a screen on the controller mechanism.
    2. Call and response, with another person relaying instructions as to direction and distance to travel. The caller will tell the driver which direction to turn or move and the driver responds by moving the robot, trusting those instructions.
    3. Entirely autonomous, based on wall following and colour identification.
  • The coloured blocks will be placed in semi-random positions before the first run, ensuring that the driver has no way of knowing what configuration they have been placed in.
  • The robot will be deemed to have finished a run when any part of it crosses the red line on the floor at the far side.


  • The exact scoring for this challenge is yet to be determined.
  • Expect the total of three runs to be taken into account for a scoring ranking.
  • Expect each successful navigation of the maze to earn points.
  • Expect each touched block to incur a time penalty.

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