Aim of the challenge

  • Teams will blog about their experiences preparing for Pi Wars. The frequency of posts as well as subject matter will be taken into account. Posts can be on a variety of topics such as:
    • Information about team members.
    • The design process.
    • Details of any disasters you’ve had!
    • Build progress.
    • Programming progress.
    • Testing progress.
    • Photo galleries.
    • Videos of test footage.


  • You must use a blogging platform that enables the Judge to view the posts easily.
  • There are many blog platforms out there that you can use, for example:
  • Blog URLs should be submitted as soon as possible after acceptance into the competition to
  • Although blog posts can be publicised over Facebook or Twitter, please note that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be accepted as a blogging platform. Viewing things in the right order, and in full, is just too difficult through these platforms.
  • YouTube can be used for video posts. However, you must still post these to your blog so that everything is in “the same place”. Again, this is about keeping it simple for the Judge.
  • A set of Guidelines and Hints is available, written by our Blogging Challenge Judge.
  • The deadline for blog posts is Friday, 20th March 2020 at midnight, UK time. This is to ensure the Judge has time to catch up with the last posts before the weekend of Pi Wars!

Ranking and points

Points will be awarded by an expert judge out of a maximum of 20. Only one team can be awarded the maximum points but below the maximum, some teams may receive the same points as another. Scores will be multiplied to give a maximum acquired points total similar to a challenge course.


  • The blogging ideas listed above are just ideas and teams are encouraged to make the blog as engaging as possible.
  • The use of photographs and video is strongly encouraged.