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    I’m testing some cheap projectiles for duck hunt and wanted to check they’ll be allowed and suitable.

    The first is a lego piece, ‘spring shooter’ part# 15301c01 and 15303.
    lego projectile
    I figure since they’re from a toy they’ll be ok (safe) but they’re technically not soft. I could add a foam or rubber tip to them but they already tumble through the air so I don’t think it would make much difference. They also don’t have much speed/range. They can fly about 3m if angled upwards, but can barely knock over playing cards.
    it can just knock over this card

    Another projectile I’d like to try is very similar, its just ready packaged into a motorised launching system: missile launcher This one hasn’t arrived yet so I’m not sure of the range but the reviews and videos suggest its similar to the lego one.

    As a backup, I was also thinking about using an elastic band gun, where at least rubber bands are somewhat soft. Would they be ok? Would you expect any of these projectiles to be positive enough to knock over the targets?




    lego spring shooter
    motorised missile launcher
    hmm, I can’t seem to get the img tags to work, either for my hosted images nor other peoples. hopefully the links give you an idea what I’m talking about

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    The Google dictionary definition of “soft” is “easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch”. My personal opinion would be that plastic doesn’t fit this definition. Additionally I’d say that the small plastic parts you’re talking about would ricochet more than a soft (deformable) projectile.

    I defer to Tim/Mike for a judgement 🙂


    Tim Richardson

    Both of those look absolutely fine!

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